ELD Q2-CT Dimmable LED 8W Downlight (Colour Change, Multi Finish)

ELD Q2-CT Dimmable LED 8W Downlight (Colour Change, Multi Finish)

Selectable colour temperature
The Q2-CT downlight is easily switched between three different colour temperatures - warm, cool and daylight white using a switch on the back of the unit. This is perfect for new builds, retrofits, electricians and builders who are installing downlights in a project where the colour preference is unknown or undecided and can be changed at a later date by the end user.


  • The warm white setting is 3000K and produces 600 lumen
  • The cool white setting is 4000K and produced 700 lumen (the manufacturer describes this as 'neutral white')
  • The daylight setting is 6500K and produced 650 lumen (the manufacturer describes this as 'cool white')


Three different bezels included
The energy efficient Q2-CT down light is also supplied with three plastic interchangeable bezels in white, chrome, and brushed nickel. These are the most popular finishes in downlights so all your bases are covered - there's no need to purchase anything else.

Suitable for Bathrooms
This low energy downlight is IP65 rated therefore it is suitable for use in bathrooms and showers in zones 1-3.

Low energy halogen-style lighting
The Q2-CT LED downlight has COB (chip-on-board) reflector technology and 60 degree beam angle. This gives a similar lighting effect to a traditional dichroic halogen, but with higher light output and uses less energy.

Smooth Dimming
Utilising a remote driver gives the Q2-CT improved performance and heat management. As the driver is designed and tested specifically for this LED downlight it enables smooth linear dimming which has been tested with all major LED dimmers and home automation systems.


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