TEDS has a great range of LED lighting for all parts of your home or business.

LED GU10 spotlight

Replacement lamps ( or bulbs ) are a large part of the LED market and this is probably the quickest and easiest way to save money. The initial costs may seem high, but don’t be put off. YOU WILL SAVE MONEY. The quality of light is excellent and with no warm up required, instant.

There are many lamp types available with more coming onto the market every day. Whilst 12volt MR16 and 240volt GU10 spot light bulbs are our most popular lines, more and more people are becoming aware of the vast range of lamps available. Candle lamps, golfball, GLS, G9 and 2D to name but a few.

 LED flexi tape from TED

To create a stunning lighting effect in the home or garden, LED tape is very versatile. Flexible and self adhesive, it is easy to fit and available in many colours including colour changing with remote control. IP65 tape (as used at our own premises) is fully weather proof and can be used outdoors quite safely.


 LED floodlight from TED

Floodlighting is a great use of LED technology. With low running costs and long lamp life, LED floodlights really do make sense. No more climbing ladders to change halogen bulbs in the middle of winter or worrying that the light has been left on and is costing a small fortune. With an average life of 30,000 hours they compare very favourably with halogen floodlights,which have an average life of around 3,000 hours.