ELECTRIC SHOWERS   Triton shower

Basically, all instantaneous electric showers work the same way. Cold water flows into a tank with a heating element in it, and hot water flows out of the other end. A valve controls the flow of water through the tank. Fast water flow gives you a cooler output as the heater element has less time to act on the water, and a slow water flow has the opposite effect. You do not need a stored hot water supply for this type of shower as it works directly from your cold water main. It is completely independent from your hot water system.

Most electric showers have a power selector switch, high, medium and cold. Typically the medium setting is used as a summer setting and this element is about 75% of the showers total output. When high is selected, the second element is added to the main one and the shower now operates at full power.

All electric showers are fitted with safety overheat cut outs and low pressure cut outs.


LOW WATER PRESSURE          pumped shower

If your home has low or unreliable water pressure, a pumped electric shower may be the answer. They work in the same way as a standard electric shower but with an electric pump built in to give a reliable shower pressure. These showers are not fed directly from the main water supply but from a stored water supply, such as a header tank.

CARE SHOWERS                         TRITON Care shower

Care showers are designed with the elderly and disabled in mind. Thermostatic control gives a safe showering temperature at all times. Large, easy to use controls and an extra long hose and rail make showering easier for all. Care showers are available as instantaneous electric, pumped electric and mixer valve.